AG Inframanage

AG InfraManage.NET® Services is a service offering where Arnett Group™ monitors the health of your infrastructure as well as reporting services about your infrastructure. Arnett Group™ also provides analysis services and recommendations as to the results of the day-to-day activities of your infrastructure. Monitoring and management provides visibility into your enterprise and a proactive partner that takes the burden out of management which allows you to focus on your business goals, not your technology. Arnett Group™ utilizes the InfraManage.NET® software on a server placed at your facility to monitor the health and status of your technology enterprise.


InfraManage.NET® Services is a low cost, competitive program that allows your business to harness the promise of the modern enterprise without the pitfalls and cost of managing it in house.


Services included are:

  • Manage Nagios®
  • Manage NetFlow/sFlow®
  • Manage Graphing – Historical and Real-Time
  • Manage TFTP Files
  • Manage Network Documentation
  • Manage Syslog logs
  • System Reports
  • Manage IP Subnets and Addresses
  • IT Planning and Reporting
  • User-based Access to the Interface
  • Common Tasks and To Do List
  • SNMP Trap Receiver
  • Expect Scripts AG InfraManage


InfraManage.NET® Services Benefits There are multiple areas that assist in capacity planning based upon what you are looking to report upon.

  • Disk Space Report – Storage management report with Total Space, Free Space and Used Space column-sortable by OS. This aids in calculating current storage requirements. That report runs once a day and aids in how much space is being used. IMGraphs gives you the capability to graph storage space over time for growth projections.
  • IMGraphs – MRTG-style graphs for any SNMP OID that can provide numeric results. Graphs can be space, utilization, temperature, humidity, CPU usage, etc. IM-VINCE generates real-time stats for any SNMP OID that can provide a numeric result. Health View provides stats on the operational environment for servers, logs, CPU and disk space.
  • From a financial aspect, IT Planning and Reporting can give you cost information to assist in cost/benefit results for any asset in the InfraManage.NET® Services database. • Customize IMGraphs for length of time to keep historical data results.
  • Reports are available to be printed and exported or viewed even in configuration screens.